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Free Software Application to Replace a Lost or Damaged Smart Television Remote Control

Losing a remote control can be a very frustrating experience. However, this application will provide duplicate functions so that you can gain access to your television in no time at all.

Replacing Native Remote Controls

CiderTv is essentially a clone program that will mirror the exact same functions associated with native third-party remote controls. Interestingly enough, this app allows users to control the actions of a television by interfacing with their computer. Another unique feature is that specific hotkeys can be used as shortcuts when accessing specific actions such as hiding the application window or switching between devices. This replacement is powered by Bluetooth technology, so its wireless capabilities are very reliable.

A Money-Saving Alternative

As opposed to being forced to purchase an entirely new remote control, why not simply download CiderTV? Installation will take only moments and it can be activated immediately once a Bluetooth connection between the television and laptop has been established. Setup instructions are included within this bundle and the controls are highly intuitive. It is therefore a very cost-effective option to consider.


  • This application will work seamlessly with compatible smart televisions.
  • No more than 3.9 megabytes of hard drive space are required.


  • This application can only work with systems that already have Bluetooth capabilities.
  • A handful of users have stated that stability could be improved.


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CiderTV 2.3 for Mac


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